This year was the year of great trips. Not only did we drive to Slovenia, where we got to know the Slovenian way of life in the lively city of Ljubljana, but we also visited the capital city of Ireland – Dublin.

The trip to Dublin was quite a special journey for our class, because we flew altogether for the very first time. Apart from this, for some of us, it was their first ever flight.

So, we were all very excited in advance, as you can imagine.

As we started our journey, we were all excited as we got on the bus and prepared for our two and a half hour drive to Treviso Airport.

After we finally arrived at the airport in Italy, we had to check in to our flight and go through security control, which both went well. Fortunately, the flight to Dublin airport went smoothly.

At Dublin airport, a very nice man was waiting for us, who transported us by bus to our accommodation for the rest of the week.

Exhausted due to the long trip, and of course in preparation for the next day, we laid down in our beds and fell asleep immediately.

The first day, as well as the following ones, began at 9 o`clock in the morning right after breakfast.

In order to be able to orient ourselves in the big city of Dublin, and to learn something about Irelands great history, its politics and the lifestyle nowadays, we had a guided tour through the capital city, which lasted for 3 hours and was led by a friendly guide, whose name was Maggy.

Following our tour that day, we also visited Trinity College, where we were shown around by a student. It was a great experience for us to see the Book of Kells, which is one of the oldest books in the world, at Trinity Library. Furthermore, the buildings, which belong to Trinity College, are amazing by themselves.

Full of new information, we had the afternoon of our first day off and had the possibility to do some shopping – which we really enjoyed. We also made use of the time to have a coffee or something to eat.

On the second day, we had the opportunity to see Ireland´s wonderful landscape in the Wicklow Mountains. There we saw Guinness Lake, visited an old monastery and the source of Liffey, the river that runs directly through Dublin. On our way back to Dublin, we had a break in Kilkenny. It is a very old city, which was built in the middle ages, and is famous for it´s royal building – the Castle of Kilkenny.

We knew we wanted to visit the Guinness Storehouse and decided to go there on our third day. The Guinness Storehouse is very famous for its beer, the Guinness, as the name already mentions.

There, you can follow the whole production process of Irelands most famous beer. You learn about everything, from the ingredients needed for brewing to the packaging of the beer.

The best part was, that you can have a drink at Skybar, where you have a wonderful view of the city. So, The Guinness Storehouse is a must should you ever visit Dublin!

On Saturday, our time in Dublin was already over and we started on our journey home. Fortunately, everything went well and we were relieved when we arrived at school at about 10 o`clock p.m..

We are thankful to Frau Professor Werner and Frau Professor Gauglhofer, for accompanying us and Frau Professor Zernig, for organizing the journey.

All in all, we can say that the trip to Ireland´s capital city was a trip full of fun, information and new experiences, which we will never forget!!!

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